Why do my friends think I can easily get a girlfriend?

Like I was hanging out with my friend and we got on the topic and he goes women are always checking you out and I woukd have to compensate to try to catch up to you. I don't understand cause I never catch it when it happens and I'm not sure how to react because he wasn't the only one his mother noticed a girl checking me out too

Thanks for opinions


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  • bc you have a giving heart!

    • What do you mean

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    • yeah I know! I want it still! LOL

    • Ok well hopefully you get it I'm headed in a different direction

  • Because your attractive and looks are a significant quality to have in attracting a mate.

    • If im attractive why is it I'm 24 and never had a girlfriend

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    • Well I have a ugly face anyways so I already have that going against me and I just can't wait forever I'm 24 I wanna move on with my life

    • Wait for what? Your the guy you make the move and the girl waits.

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  • Probably because girls think you're good looking?
    You definitely wouldn't notice a girl checking you out most of the time, or it kind of defeats the purpose of doing so.

    • I don't think I good looking though I think I look like a freak

    • "I don't think I good looking though".
      That's what you think. Not everyone else does. Don't sell yourself short.

    • Dude I'm not I look like a caveman and no girl flirts with me ever

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