Is becoming a RN nurse at age 32 old?

I'm 29 . I'm half way through. I'll probably be done at that age.
My kid will be 9 years old when I am that age.
I was a stay mom for five years before I decided to go back to school and become something more.
When my kid started school , so did I.

Sorry I didn't open this question up to girls. I wanted everyone to answer. This happened by error


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  • May be older than usual, but it is not a problem. Once you are an RN your earnings should be nicer.. congratulations on improving yourself.

    • What's the usual age to start? Because I was dressed in scrubs and this guy told me I looked too young to be a nurse.

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    • I feel depressed that I'll be old. But there's nothing I can do

    • My wife had 3 years of college done before meeting me. Then, due to my Navy career and the moves, she had plenty of time to become a nurse before we started having children. And we accommodated after children. For instance, while stationed on shore, she would take a different shift than me so one of us was home most of the time. And by the way, since I am 68 you are not impressing me by calling 32 old. lol

  • Hell no, you are not a senior citizen in your 30s :|

    Damn this noise :P

  • my friends girlfriend is doing it she works like 24/7

    • What kind of nurse is she? How old is she?

    • I don't know probably like 27 or 28

    • Oh. Well no one will know the difference by our physical look.
      Those would only be a few years younger than me.

      Well that's a little relief at least I won't look like an old horse