Haha! what is this song about?

Who speaks German here? :p!

A real German already translated this for me… xD


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  • It's a pun in the refrain saying his girlfriend can "blow" which is also used for tooters and the noun version "Blasen" can also mean blister in german. Then it's saying "she is tight tight tight so tight shoes not used to".

    • It's pretty much saying things that sound dirty at first and then finishing the sentence which suddenly doesn't make it dirty anymore.

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  • Erhh. My German isn't very good but the first part is about a guy who brings his girlfriend home while she's 'done' (I think they mean waisted) and on the way there I think she gave him a blowjob.
    Only thing I'm sure of that it's a nasty song :p

    • 😯!
      Hahahahha yah I had a feeling it was a nasty song... The video is kind of nasty too.. But it just came on and it has a catchy tune... I guess there isn't many German people in this site.

      Thank you 😂😁

    • @DanHart not sure what his username is and something like omar*numbers*

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    • Bug >. < This song is so lowbrow that i won't translate it -judging by the animation it must have been made by Bavarians - and as a Hessian i dislike these of course ^^ archenemies basically -because their manners are terrible

    • 😧...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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