Women 25-33, have you ever considered dating 7 years younger?

At the ages we are now , if we date that much younger chances are the man is immature.
Would you consider dating younger at the age you are now? Or are younger men are turn off?


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  • I don't understand why women settle with older guys when there are plenty of guys of their own age, but I can tell you that every old man has done the "stupidity" which we are doing now.
    I think the younger is always better in the case of girls.

    • I've dated older men my whole life but recently I have noticed younger men are interested in me.
      It feels awkward because I'm not used to that (or being viewed as older). It gives the relationship a different role because I feel like I have to take charge.
      I mean , all I can think "is if only I were a few years younger I would" not sure if I would consider it though

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    • 18- to early twenties phase that is

    • Ok ok its your life do as you wish, but I think if they are asking you out obviously you are good looking and deserve such respect.

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  • No I have a hrs time enough finding men that are mature enough at my own age never mind a 24 year old.


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  • Well this is depressing. I find most girls I come across in my age range to be dull and boring. I've actually really clicked well with older women but unfortunately like 85% of women refuse to date younger so I guess I'm just eternally fucked...


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  • I'd date guys younger than me, but not seven years younger.

    • If a 18 year old found u attractive , you wouldn't go for it? Why?

    • I have had that happen. Just not what I'm into.

  • The younger ones are socially retarded. I prefer older guys.

    • The same can be said about younger women, too.

    • Women mature differently though (in most cases)