Which US candidate is a pro life? and are you pro life?


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  • I'm only doing the most well known candidates here:

    Joe Biden - I think pro-life, does not want to illegalalise abortion, but does want to cancel funding for it.

    Jeb Bush - Pro-life, wants to restrict abortions to only those in cases of rape, incest and disability.

    Ben Carson - Pro-life, wants to ban abortion past 20 weeks.

    Hillary Clinton - Pro-choice, but wants to keep abortion safe and rare.

    Ted Cruz - Pro-life, has been known to be misinformed on Planned Parenthood and what services they provide.

    Rand Paul - Pro-life, supports plan B contraception.

    Bernie Sanders - Pro-choice, has openly been so since the very beginning of political career. Wants to focus on preventing pregnancy.

    Donald Trump - Pro-life, used to be pro-choice. Wants to stop ObamaCare abortion funding. Gives exceptions for late abortion due to rape, incest or health.

    I personally am pro-choice, and definitely am not or would ever consider being pro-life.


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  • I am pro raiding.


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  • I think Trump, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul are Pro Life. I haven't done all the research yet since it's still not time to vote. I am Pro Choice.

    • okay thank you. So you will vote for thsoe who are not pro life?

    • I need to view all of the options, I don't focus on just one aspect. I have a vague idea of who I like the best or would like to win the election, but I still need to read up on the candidates to make sure. I usually don't do that until closer to election day.

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