A website to store my private stuff?

I broke my computer and its going to go get fixed, i have to let the guy in the computer to fix it.

I don't want him to see some of the things on my computer... So is there a website where i can store my pictures, links and videos for free? and delete them off my computer so they will be there when i come back?

Please don't say... one drive, google images,.. or dropbox.. it takes for ever to upload my stuff on there..

I want a website like shutterfly... but shutterfly doesn't take videos anymore.

i want a website.. like an online flash drive... i can store my stuff... sign in to it when i get on my phone and still see the same stuff there but it needs to be free.

And dont say but a flash drive because my laptop will be gone for about a week or 2 and i want to view my stuff on my phone... please make sure its free and like unlimited storage data, thanks


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  • it'll take ages on all sites since i can only assume that your internet has a bad upload speed.

    if you don't want him to see anything on your computer uploading it to the internet won't be good; virtually anyone can see it.

    only thing i could say to do is to email the files to yourself then delete them off your pc, so you can view them from your phone and redownload them.

    dropbox would be the realistic way but since your upload is bad then I don't know.

    i upload to db very fast so it must be your d/u speed