What do I do about a problem with Selective Service?

So I'm 29 and a blood-red American-born citizen and I applied for a job at a military base online, they asked me in the application if I was registered with SS. I checked Yes, then went on the SS website to verify I'm registered, but the site said they could find no record of it even though I did register years ago after my 18th birthday as a concientious objector (or at least that's what I remember). The site said there could be several reasons why my information is unverifiable at this time, but won't say what those reasons are. I've tried to get on the line with a representative at Selective Service but the automated message keeps saying they're all unavailable. Funny thing is, I got a call back from the base asking me to come in for an interview for the job! But what's strange is, if I'm not registered with SS wouldn't the base have found that out when they did a background check on me and just reject my application altogether? Or am I registered and it won't show up on the SS site? I am really puzzled as to what's going on. Anybody have any idea what I should do? Or have any other guys experienced this?


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  • If they ask about it just tell them you did it when you first turned 18.

    • But what if they try to look it up and can't find anything? At this point I'm really puzzled and have no idea if I'm even registered or not.

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    • But if they don't find it then what happens?

    • What if you die in a car crash on the way to the interview. No point in worrying it doesn't help.