If your friends are planning to go out?

if you friends already planned to go out on a specific day and then after that ( 2 days after ) your boyfriend or crush ( you have been seeing the guy for a while) asked you to hang out on that day. if you dont go with your boyfriend does that mean she ignores him or he doesn't have her highest priority? this girl agrees to go any day


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  • Not really. I mean, it's just honouring her prior commitments, it doesn't mean she's ignoring him. It would be extremely rude of her to reject her friends who she already planned to go out with for a guy.

    • so you think it doesn't mean that she likes her friends more or she enjoys their company more, what you are saying is that their friends already planned so they receive the priority based on that only thats what you are trying to say?

    • Nah, it doesn't mean anything like that. It's just that she already had plans - think of how ignorant it would have been for her to turn around and say that she was going to ditch them for you. It's like a first come, first served basis. I love my boyfriend a lot, I've been with him for four years, but I'd still go out with my friends rather than him if they asked me first :)

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