How can I change my life?

I'm not happy with myself or life right now. I don't have any friends and I don't have anything going for myself. I am in school, but I still feel empty. I go to class and I come home. I have tried to meet people, but it never last. They always seem to pull away. I've also tried to join a couple of clubs, but they didn't work too. I do have a boyfriend, we just started dating. However, I'm ruining our relationship. I'm pushing him away by being clingy, controlling and obsessive.

I had two friends, but:
1) I haven't heard from since my birthday in September.
2) Only talks to me when she's curious about my relationship. Or if she needs advice about something. Otherwise, she's MIA too.

I really want to change and enjoy life. I want to find new friends, enjoy my new relationship and be happy with myself. However, I don't know where to start?


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  • Make online friends for a start then ull get real life friends as well


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