What do you think of these chem trails they're putting all though our skys? Are you concerned?

What do you think of these chem trails they're putting all though our skys? This is not normal or natural and I think they should come out and give a public explanition. Are you concerned or have you been paying any attention to this?

This is what I'm talking about chem trails. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZaD-H_j3pU


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  • :0 I've actually read a lot about this last year because my mother spoke to me about it.
    If memory serves me right, there is aluminum in the chemicals that they spray. Obviously, this is very dangerous, yet I think I read somewhere that it's just a conspiracy theory. Well, I don't think it's a "theory".
    I believe that whoever is in charge of these sprayings are gradually trying to decrease the human population. That sounds crazy, but people could actually die from the small amounts of poison that float in the air because it adds up.
    Recently, I haven't given it any thought but it's good to think about every once in a while. I don't talk about it with my friends because they aren't really... educated on the topic and will quickly get bored with it.
    But in the end, there really isn't anything I could do about it. I just like to stay indoors where it's safer and go on with my life. :/

    • It's good to know you're awake and yes you are right they about them wanting to decrease the population they're on public record announcing it that is their plan. But don't throw your hands up and quit. The more people no the more laud the voices get and we need to spread the word because if this is to ever stop it needs to be at full volume.

    • You don't understand. If someone were to hear me, an underage, naive girl, blabbering about how the government wanted to kill all of us, people would think I was crazy and disregard everything I said. It's not that simple to just protest against this. It's not going to work and honestly, it's not bothering me as much anymore because it's happening slowly. At least we're not dropping like flies yet. As long as I have my family and friends by me, I'm fine.

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  • I'm no conspiracy theorist but there is certainly something to this. I also saw something even way more strange about 2 years ago in Illinois. I saw some angular 3d type lines in the sky and it was on the local news. I forget what it was but will look for it online/local newspaper


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  • There's no evidence for this, scientists have disproved it many times. It's just condensation.

    • False. First of all if that were true why are the flying it crisscross and how is that condensation sticking together or sticking around so long?

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    • Yes you're right, you can't prove what has been put in secrete can you? Except maybe from a autopsy report after the fact.

    • Not too sure what you're on about, but okay...

  • are you in arizona?

    • I'm in Texas. Where are you?

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