I think my school bribes the student's and is too strict?

You have to have a school iD to do almost anything, they cost $5.00

You can't wear any jackets, hoodies, coats, none of that unless they are bought from the school, which cost - $20.00
(This does not apply to the teachers they can wear any and everything,
if you don't buy one you freeze, no matter how cold it is.
and if you wear your own and refuse to take it off, you get isap > suspended)

They bribe students into signing a paper of their home information like address, zip code, and somehow they make money off of it.

I won't say this is a must do but they give us papers to write to our teachers telling them how thankful we are of them.

and many more but i can't think of them right now.

They are strict, becuase if of their rules.
You have 5 minutes to get to class, no matter the distance, and we have a big school, you must make all bathroom breaks, etc in this time period. Most days no hall passes.

Automatic Suspend for 3 days for.
Leaving the classroom,
Out of dress code,
Tardy 10 times,
Refusing teachers instructions,
talking back,
wearing headphones or on phone,

And a lot more i can't think of right now

Ik you may be thinking
"Its ok, you're just a kid, i have a life too.. and this is just unfair... no bathroom breaks only in between classes and you must be out and in your classroom in 5 minutes..
No matter the distance of your class or bathroom.. just think you are not the only one in the bathroom..

Other kids are rushing to use it too... its hell and if you can't hold it and end up tardy..
10 of those will get you suspended for 6 days and 2 days of isap.

You may still be thinking its ok bc there's not a lot of days of school anyway,
true. Look at my calendar.

I think my school bribes the student's and is too strict?
All the days in red are the days we get off.. Well take a look at next years calendar.

I know it says proposed but it was approved.
Looks like no summer
less than 10 (tardy's?)
im screwed.. i can't even miss less than 10 days.


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