So when people reach 25, do they become real adults with none of the problems of teens and young adults?

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  • I can't speak for everyone here, but around the time I turned 25 I noticed how my perspective and my way of thinking had changed quite a bit. It's like you suddenly see things much clearer and a lot of things that used to be important become silly and things you never thought much about in the past become crucial and when you look back at your 20 year old self you're like what a stupid moron!

    • Didn't you start feeling that earlier? Did it just happen on your 25th birthday?

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    • I suppose you realise what an idiot you were at 18 when you're 21 though.

    • Well I guess you have to go through it yourself to fully understand the change.

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  • Plus you get a whole bunch of new problems.


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  • What problems are exclusive to young adults?


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  • It depends on what the problems are... But by 25 you should know how to solve them, or at least get answers.. Everyone is different tho.. I am much more mature than my older bro...