Will I go to heaven if I repent, do good things and then commit suicide?

I can't live the guilt of something that happened to make a long story short, in addition to all the other tragedies that have happened in my life. If I don't take my life now I will within the next 4 years. One reason I don't want to kill myself now is I want others to learn from my mistakes so they don't go through what I am going through, and so that I can do good things that will help me get there. I can't live with this guilt.


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  • Don't kill your self. Just forgive yourself and do things to build a better future for yourself.

    • I can't live with the trauma of what happened, and especially the guilt. answer my question please

    • I don't believe you will. Your guilt will keep you from moving on. Which is why you should not run away and instead move past it. You should really seek some psychiatric help if you're considering ending your life over trauma.

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  • No. Suicide is an act of faithlessness. No matter what evil you have done Christ's precious blood removed all sin. There is no sin too great. We have no condemnation in Christ, in other words no guilt in Christ. It's a clean slate in God's eyes, as if we have never sinned. To repent one must simply acknowledge they need Jesus in their life and follow Him, knowing they are saved by faith in Christ alone.

    But to kill yourself means that you have no faith in Christ. You believe your life is so screwed that there is no hope left but to end your suffering. This is not what Christ wants for you. He wants you to turn to Him and see how He changes your life around and brings you new hope as a new spiritual creature of God. Christ doesn't want you to give up on life. He wants you to give up on doing things your way, and submit to doing things His way. See if He does not set you on the straight path.


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  • Would you want to teach people to give into depression and feel the way you are feeling? U owe it to unselfish to move past it and get yourself to a point where you can help others.

    • NO its about depression, its about not learning to recognize medical emergencies in pets, which ended dying in part of my fault, and I just can't live with it, I can't forgive myself.

    • Urself

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  • Message me bro. I've done some really fcked up things that I wouldn't normally share. I'll share for the sake of your mental health though.

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