I think I'm going crazy?

Usually I'm downstairs alone for most of the night working on AP work, and from around 11:30 PM till I leave (3AM at latest) things get really weird. I hear faint music and sometimes whispering and it stops as soon as I walk to the stairs that lead to the living room. This never happens when other people are down here at the same time as me or even if they are alone. Am I going flipping nuts or something?


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  • Maybe you're imagining things. You never really know

    • I have no idea, I'm hearing it right now actually very strange.

    • Maybe someone is playing tricks on you yeah?

    • Could be, I'm not sure its just really weird x3

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  • What's the music sound like?

    • It varies, usually some kind of rock, last night was weird though because it was classical and I actually recognized the first song.

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    • Like orchestra music. Last night the first song was "The Blue Danube" by Strauss, it just started playing faintly and then I stood up and tried to get closer to the noise but then it stopped. And it started a few minutes after I sat back down. First time I've recognized any of the songs.

    • Dude, you must live on some old land... That sounds like a spirit could possibly be there.

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  • Shhhhhh they're watching you.👻👻👻👻😱😈

    • Haha wow, so comforting.

    • You're welcome😉 ... I would join you but... ghosts and demons don't like Asians😢😢

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