How do I get back at him?

So I'm not one for "revenge" but I'm extremely hurt over this situation. I met this guy And we started to become friends. I admitted I liked him but he seemed to only want sex. Neither of us wanted a relationship so I foolishly slept with him. Shit hit the fan and a few people found out about us and he got pissed at me. He blamed it all on me. He said I told multiple people. The thing is, I was always there for him whnever I could be. I went out of my way to help him and he's pissed because people know we had sex. He won't speak to me anymore. I'm not sure on what to do. The only thing he ever really done for me is listened to my problems and that's some shit I can't get over because I trusted him..

I didn't tell anyone. He blamed me for it.


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  • Well it sounds like "shit hitting the fan" might have been your fault, so if you broke his trust like that then obviously he isn't gonna trust you anymore.


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