Girl keeps messaging me?

We used to be close at uni, she got with me just before she was official with someone she was seeing and she made things quite awkward.

I'm 200 miles away now as I have graduated and moved for work but she keeps messaging and snapchatting me. Tbh I think it's a bit inappropriate as although we were drunk, I'm pretty certain it wasn't just a drunken thing and I don't think our friendship can go back to what it was.

Why does she keep messaging me?


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  • If she is still with the guy who she made 'Official' and is still Seeing him, then having you Not a stone's throw away, makes it easy for her To... Play.
    She may be Texting you for laughs and giggles, knowing it is more like a "Celly relationship" here, dear, nothing more in store and just Knowing that she can keep you at arm's length, out of harm's way in her own weird way.
    As silly as it sounds, she has her Reasons of the Seasons and may even suggest you both getting together one fine day when it is just convenient.
    'Our friendship' may never go back to the 'Way we were' but on her own end, she is pushing her own buttons because she is comfy with this, doesn't find it 'Awkward' and it is the way it is, which is good with her, even though you may feel she is still drinking the Kool-aid.
    Good luck. xx

    • I'm going to try and tone down the friendship tbh
      she'll realise in time.

      And tbh, I don't even like texting people I hardly see. Sort of, I use my phone to contact those I'm planning on seeing in the short term. I'm not one of those cyber types x

    • Good idea then, so just tell her you are sorry you are busy and just put her on your pay no mind list then. xxoo

    • We were close so it's hard to say that haha

      I'll just give shorter responses and make the convos less free-flowing xoxoxo

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