Should I just go for this program?

I'm in grade 11 right now, taking courses for university and um, I want to be a climatologist or basically anything related to the earth sciences field and im scared because I've heard that even though there will be a job growth for this industry, that there will be more jobs than people. I really want to do this though, hell, forces of nature was a grade 11 course i took in grade 10 and i ended up with the third highest mark (93), which was only 2 percent lower than the highest mark. so like, i know this is something I CAN do and I ENJOY but i feel like im taking a big risk and I don't know what to do. My parents are trying to force me into pharmacy and im just not about that life, I dont want to do anything related to medicine or human health, whatsoever (except for kinesiology maybe - im good with that ) but I don't know, should I take the risk and go for it and see how it turns out?


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  • If you enjoy it, take it. It's considerably harder to be successful at something you don't enjoy. Consequently, you are more likely to be better at something you're genuinely interested it. :)
    Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about jobs. You may want to consider the ore or rare-earth mineral mining industries. They seem to be looking for people.


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