Shouldn't this be my choice really?

My mum told me that I wouldn't be able to live in her house if I get a motorcycle, I really want one though. I'm 17 years old, but having a motorcycle would be really cool. Apparently I've heard they're really easy to run on fuel and money as well. My mum says that you're more protected in a car and that stuff, but I just say cars are bigger so you're more likely to get hit. Getting a part time job so I could afford a motorcycle/moped would help me get to college and other places I want to go. Obviously I'm not allowed to get a motorcycle because of my age, but I would eventually. I've been told that I would be one of those typical 'fuckboys' by friends if I get a motorcycle, maybe because they'll think that I'm getting it to attract the ladies or whatever, but that ain't the reason haha. I live in my parents house, but they're not happy with me getting a moped or a motorcycle eventually. However, I'm thinking shouldn't this be my choice anyway. They can't exactly prevent me from buying one if I had the right amount of money or whatever


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  • If you're living under her roof at any age she can dictate what you do. Period. End of convo. Your mom is right. You're way too young to be getting killed on a bike.

    • I agree apart from getting killed on a bike

    • I'm a parent so I know where your parents are coming from. Also I witnessed a horrible bike wreck when I was maybe 3 so it's kinda scarred me. But if you do decide to get one don't show off to a dangerous point!

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