What happened to me as a kid?

So when I was little my mu found her old boyfriend and got bk together with him, I was about 5. And I remember me sleeping and someone would come in my bedroom and that's all i remember. I remember that happening a lot, i also had dreams as i got older that id be sleeping with someone next to me in my bed. When i was about 6 i knew how sex would happen and e. t. c. and i had no idea why. As i got older my mum had a daughter and i stopped having these dreams. But i would see him come in the bathroom when i was having a bath and he'd sit next to me and he's get the flannel and wipe it all over me and that's all i remember. They split up a couple of years later when i was 9. And I've started worrying lately about the things that i don't remember. Do you have any ideas of the stuff that i don't remember? Do you think i blocked all that stuff out or im just imagining what could?

Only guys have answered this so far and my first thought was, "Guys are that interested in molestation" I'm sorry it was my first thought


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  • I would try and put it all behind you. Not easy to do, but if you start delving too far into your inner self about what happened, there is a danger that you will find things that aren't true that your mind believes ARE true. If you get what I mean. It's like therapists have been known to get youngsters to believe something happened that didn't happen because it leads to closure of the issue.

    It may be, though, that you can't put it behind you, in which case, you'll have to seek professional help. Be prepared to open a can of worms.

    This is such an emotive subject. Do you want the truth which may make you feel terrible, or do you go for a damage limitation exercise. To minimise the upset.


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  • To me it sounds you have blocked it all out.
    You know they're people here in the UK you can tell to in confidence and it won't show up on the phone bills.

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  • Most people don't remember most of the things that happened before the age of 5. That's normal.

  • I dk, but, I love your taste in television


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  • This early abuse would explain your angry outbursts later in life and contributed to your violence towards your little sister, not that this makes it acceptable but it's a clue. Do you suppose your Mum suspects any of these awful things may have happened to you? Maybe that's why she sent him away? I hope you can get help for this. It sounds awful!

    • No she was starstruck by him. But he left her...

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    • You're very loyal ♡

    • I guess so...

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