What instrument do you recommend to play?

I used to play recorder, i kinda taught myself how to play a guitar but it was fake and crappy. I'm okay at piano, only tried in music.

Any recommendations?


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  • What kind of music do you like?
    Piano is a great instrument to learn, you can go in so many directions with it.
    I'm a guitar player, it's super fun and versatile as well. Might take a little more time and be a little frustrating at first, but there are ways to make it easier (start with a nylon string acoustic for example, or get an electric and use light gauge strings. A decent guitar set up properly will be much easier and less painful to learn how to play than a cheap guitar set up improperly. Doesn't need to be big $$$ either, if you want suggestions for great bang for buck guitars, let me know)
    If you like the idea of the guitar but want to keep it a little simpler and easier, the bass guitar is the same in concept but easier to learn, and you can then transfer your knowledge of bass guitar to 6 string acoustic or electric later on.


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  • How about the flute? I used to play that in middle school.


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  • First off, guitar will never be learned in an instant for ANYONE. A lot of people miss the opportunity of advancing in guitar, because they have this illusion that they aren't good. You won't know how "good" you are at playing guitar until after you've been playing and practicing it continually for about 6-7 months, due to the fact that your finger tips needing time to form calluses. Second, when you say you're "okay" at piano, how long have you been playing?

    • Well I've only been doing a couple songs in music for about two weeks. I can do bass clef and treble for silent night and jingle bella

    • Honey, you can't judge yourself based on what you've only had 2 weeks to learn.

    • Ok, ok, chill. Don't judge myself because I'm rubbbish. Ok I get it