Singing "Reggaeton" songs aloud. Is it considered bad by Latin Americans or is it fine?

Lyrics of these songs consists of censored words but I like the music and beats (Its basic music though) and obviously the way Spanish sounds in it. But I had some Spaniards giving me "what a nasty person!!!" look and I got to know the meaning of lyrics at that time. Is it fine in Latin America to sing these songs or to dance on them?
My group of South American (except Mexicans ;P ) friends told me not to "Me gusta todo de ti" or "Metela sacala" or "El no te da". A friend from Bolivia told not to sing them at all.
Do you think Reggaeton is low standard or low taste in music?

  • Reggaeton is low standard
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  • Don't sing those "bailando hacemos el amor con ropa"
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  • It is normal to sing or like Reggaeton
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  • catchy tunes, which makes people want to sing... but explicit lyrics...
    and i believe most reggaeton is by puertoricans/dominican/colombian not mexican.
    and they all have sex involved in one way or another in their lyrics... just the same as most rap/hip hop and r&b... which is why I tend to dislike all that. D: but somtimes i'll be singing just cause it has catchy tune... :/

    • You got the essence of it. The catchy tunes. Basic but catchy. Makes you want to dance on them.

    • Thank you for MHG! :]!

      I found this song... that i'm not sure if it falls under reggaeton, but seems like it... and it has catchy tune lol i kind of like it. :p!
      and he's sooooooo cute! <3 !! his Spanish accent is so hot xD

    • I liked it actually. Have it in my playlist now. It is Reggaeton with those lyrics and video and music. :)

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  • I kind of just think about it as Spanish hip hop and I don't like hip hop because I think the lyrica are shallow but hey if you like it good for you. I'm pretty sure people would stare at anyone singing in public it's just not really something you see every day so it draws attention

    • Oh no its not singing in public but in my dormitory like humming it in the kitchen...
      I didn't knew lyrics were shallow as Spanish is not my language.

    • Most of them are mostly about sex and your other typical stuff you hear in hip hop type music. Not my cup of tea but if you lime than chug that cup of tea

    • I like the beats... the music is similar to Bollywood which gets me to unconsciously sing them. I do listen to Indie and Alternative and Medieval music equally but I have roots in Bollywood and this perfectly impacts. Though I'd make sure I do not sing it in the hostel.

  • Reggaeton is shit

  • Reggaeton is cool


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