How can I stop this painfully lonely feeling?

No I can't invite anyone over and no I'm not depressed. I've just been feeling more lonely than usual lately. Does that happen to y'all often? Just feel completely and utterly alone? How do you get rid of it?


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  • I feel alone all the time like I share the world with people who are actually members of my creed (belief system), but they exist light-years away.

    I don't have anyone to truly share how I think with and have them understand and agree with me.

    It's a lonely world.

    • I have plenty of people to talk with, even some friends, plenty of acquaintances.

      I just feel left wanting something more, something greater, and that feeling makes me feel alone.

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    • Haha okay kik me sometime if you get bored

    • Okay add me on gag, and I'll pm you my kik contact information.

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  • Get out, for for a long time and crank some tunes. Maybe you'll stop someplace interesting along the way.

    • I meant to say drive for a long time...

    • I haven't got my drivers license yet but I will soon in a year

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