I made a very bad mistake and I put olive oil in my hair. Now it looks greasy AF. How do I get it out?


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  • Don't wash it with soap. Washing it with soap will just mess everything up.

    I used to put a a lot of argon oil in my hair when my hair was dry, got rid of dandruff and made my hair super nice. Within about 2 days your hair is gonna look really nice, you just put too much in your hair, but take two or so baths every day one morning one night will get rid of it.

    • Thanks i think this will hell

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    • It probably will tbh, just don't go overboard and wash it too much. It will look great in a day or two. If anything try combing it out of your hair, too much water will just dry it out and destroy any benefits you'll get from it.

    • I washed it with one handful of Pantene shampoo and a few squirts of this weird purple hair salon brand shampoo and another handful of the Pantene shampoo. Now looks 1,000,000 times better then yesterday.

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  • Wash it with soap


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