Have you ever met someone you inspired you to improve yourself?

I don't mean that as you changing yourself to fit their ideals. I mean knowing you had issues--insecurity, shyness, a superiority complex, anger problems, etc.--but met someone who made you really want to better yourself as a person, to improve those negative traits you had never had the motivation to fix before.

Have you ever meet someone like that, who made you determined to be better?

  • Yes, I've had someone like that who really made me want to be my best.
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  • No, I've never met someone who inspired that determination.
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  • I hope I do one day.


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  • Yes I have not in person but her confidence just shine! I admire her as person! She like the sister full of knowlege and she brave! I have someone to look up to!


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  • yeah my previous boyfriends brought out the best in me, as stupid as that sounds.

    • It doesn't sound stupid at all. Relatively recently I've developed feelings for a guy, and suddenly, I feel confident that I can get over my shyness and insecurity and nervousness to talk to him. I've lost who knows how many opportunities because I was afraid, but this one person has brought me the motivation to change, to have a little more confidence, to stop letting fear stop me from getting what I want. This time, and I hope in the future, I won't let him or anything else slip through my fingers because I let my insecurity make me passive instead of taking steps toward achieving something.

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    • Yeah, I do get it :) And it's great that you're working on yourself and how you are without a guy being there for you.

    • thanks love <3

  • All of my friends have inspired me in similar ways to that.

  • Yes I have. In a weird but good way.