Anyone here who lives in Florida?

I'm going to Palm coast. I will be renting a car when I'm there. Where else in Florida should I visit?


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  • @Iron_Man would be able to help you with this, he lives there.

    • Yes i can help her I live In Miami and Its the best city In FL

    • I googled it. I think it's only 4 hours away?

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  • Im in south FL :)
    Some places to visit in FL...
    The theme parks
    The springs
    The everglades
    The keys
    The dry tortugas
    Sanibel island


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  • I dont live there, but I've been to Miami and Orlando, I like both. Miami is a very very nice city and Orlando has the theme parks, so some good roller coasters haha 😛 and they are close to each other, just 4 hours drive

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