How would you like it if your parents had your balls cut off?

I was in China a while back and they talked about how the palaces were guarded by eunuchs, so as to not mess with the harem. I was like, WTF, who would volunteer for that job, no matter how bad unemployment got. I was told parents who were very poor would volunteer their young boys (under 4 I believe) to the procedure and a lifetime of servitude. And some people complain about circumcision!

This went on up to about a hundred years ago.


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  • This happened historically in India too. In fact there is still a very strong community in India today.

    How Eunuchs come to be (whether by birth or through castration) is shrouded by mystery. But it is pretty certain that the community takes in unwanted boys or those that have fled their homes and castrate them.

    It's totally messed up. And something should be done about it... But most of India just doesn't want to acknowledge their existence and only avoid them... Ironically it is this repulsion towards them that helps them to earn their living. They basically harass you or threaten to flash you until you give them money. So sadly it's sort of a vicious cycle.


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