When does a guest become a tenant on a lease?

so I have a girlfriend who stays at my place around 2 nights a week and I thought this wasn't too big of a deal but my landlord gave me a 3 day eviction paper saying if I don't remove her from my place within a 3 day period I will be evicted. What is considered too much having someone stay to where they would be considered an added tenant as opposed to just a frequent guest?


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  • Wow. Well every lease sets different terms about house guests. It isn't all that uncommon for it to be less than a week limit but this is rarely ever enforced.

    Do you have roommates or does your landlord live on the property. Have you tried to talk to him about this?


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  • Thats a bunch of crap you can have anyone in your place full time you pay your rent already. Let that guy file court cost that will cost him a lot of money I can't stand Land Lords

    • Not true. Almost all lease contracts have a provision lining out terms on short-term guest and limiting it to some degree. Some will stipulate if they are spending x amount of time at the residence they will be considered a tenant and charge x amount extra each month for the occupancy. If the rental is a studio a garage apartment sharing a lot with the landlord they may not allow more than a single occupancy at all.

      But it is extremely unusual for them to enforce the provision because your SO is staying over several nights a week. Either someone complained, the landlord is crazy or there is something else going on that is making the landlord wanting him out.

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    • But either way I'd say ride out the lease if you have to but if he is happy to let you break it and keep the eviction off you record take that and run. This isn't a sanitary living environment. Find a room share, move further out or whatever you can afford but do not stay where you are longer than you have to. Best

    • Can you two talk in her area instead of mine so I don't keep getting notifications all the time. I told you what to do call his bluff and let him take you to court. You don't need to spend money on a Lawyer go by yourself with your girlfriend and defend yourself. I have been through this before and not every lease talks about a guest and if its written in your lease about not having any guest staying over night you can always BS your way out of it to the Judge. Meanwhile the Land Lord has spent a lot of money and has not accomplished anything. If you can buy your own house one day you will be free of those kind of people as I said before i can't stand any of them nothing but trouble from head to toe.