What to do when your sister is a sociopath?

She's not diagnosed as a sociopath but I think she is. My parents have done everything for her, yet she does everything to spite them. She has been smoking 'dabs' which are liked 99% thc or something everyday for the past year and a half and it has offset her chemical balance in her brain. In fault of that she has become bipolar and refuses to take her medicine. She has been dating a girl who is abusive yet stays with her because she supplies her with the 'dabs'. She calls my mom a b*tch excuse my language and all sorts of names saying she is a terrible parent. She has tried commiting suicide and cuts herself, and always threatens my parents that she will kill herself. Her girlfriend has damaged two of our family's properties and nobody likes her in my family yet my sister throws a huge fit whenever she can't sneak her in the house. My sister is manipulative and always gets me in trouble whenever I don't do anything wrong, or I get privelages taken away like having my girlfriend sleep over. Which she has for the past 6 months with my parents being okay with it, but my sister starts cursing at my parents and yelling at me in front of my girlfriend when she can't have a sleep over. Because her girlfriend has done so many bad things. She quit her job and only works at a clinic to distribute marijuana. She is not going to college, and she has broken windows at my house when my parents kicked her out. She is embarrassing because she doesn't care what other people think or feel she just wants to get what she wants. So she'll scream and hit my parents when she doesn't get what she wants. She is 20 years old and I am trying to move forward in my life, but my sister is constantly dragging me down into her hole she has dug for herself. She has been to therapy, drug rehab, everything you can possibly think of multiple times. What exactly am I supposed to do? I am 19.

She also is a compulsive thief, she stole my mom's jewelry up to like $7,000 she steals wine, clothing, food you name it.


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  • And her parents have not taken her to a mental facility... Why?

    • They have in the past, my sister just keeps getting worse and worse though.

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    • Everytime she gets kicked out she will threaten to break windows or damage our property.

    • And that's when your family either gets a restraining order or calls the cops on her when she does. Or both.

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