What do I do or how do I cope?

I am 19 years old and had social anxiety, low self esteem and depression for years and it caused me to drop out of school. I live in a small town and i never go out in that town im too scared people from my old school will see me or something like that and this whole town and the people in it just remind me of how bad things were when i was in school and it acctually haunts me. I really want to move far away and start my life but i can't since i have no friends to move with or no where to go. what can i do? living in this town is a constant reminder of how depressed i was. I am still depressed and stuff now but not like it used to be.


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  • I think you should move either way, flat with someone bc its cheaper and you'll already have a new friend :D Get a new job, you'll be bound to make new friends. With depression and stuff the only person who can really help you is yourself :) Good luck ❤


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