Do you want to change your Operating System like the one which the guy has changed in video?

Many people complained Microsoft that they hate Windows 8 and 8.1 and want their PC look like Windows 7 .

  • I like the one which was original ( before changing )
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  • I like after it was changed by video guy
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  • LOL ! i don't have windows 10
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  • LOL ! I don't have windows OS
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  • I voted "LOL ! I don't have windows OS". I gave up on windows since it gave me way too much trouble.

    • Hahaha !! But many softwares and games only work on Windows

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    • Good luck with your OS !! By the way which one is yours? LINUX or MAC?

    • Haha! I don't need good luck!! Most of what works on windows works on Macs these days. Mac is what I have. I don't care about gaming!! Because I am not into gaming. Many games now are also work on Mac.

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