What should I think?

Long story short..

I have been volunteering in a daycare for a month now, jsut to get some experience before getting my diploma in the field. It is really nearby and I like it and the owner is nice to me. She wants to hire me after I get it.

Except her employees dont like her and complain about her to me. Saying things like she is nice at first but mean after. I have heard her talk to her employees about things like not being on the phone while watching over children.. time management ("if you start at 9:00am, come 2 minutes early so you are on the FLOOR at 9:00am with the children and ratios are met.."). However, these things seem like common sense to me.
She has told me she is struggling with getting proper employees. I DO notice these employees doing kind of not-so-smart stuff. I even overheard one say she has no idea what a cover letter is.

However, the owner is nice to me. And really interested in me.
My mother in law also says she is not the nicest.
I don't know what to think of her and the daycare now? Who to trust or believe?


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  • I wouldn't trust it