What do you think about meeting people over the anonymous app Yik Yak?

I'm having a hard time making friends and I posted something about that on my college's Yik Yak, and some (seemingly) nice people have asked about wanting to meet up to make friends. I'm nervous about meeting total strangers online though, like I know nothing about these people at all. We're meeting in a very public place in the middle of a college but I still am kind of wary.

What do you guys think about this? Should I go through with this or does this sound dangerous? I'm a dude so I'm not really afraid of being raped but there are crazy people out there in the world. Thanks for your answer.

And for clarification this is not sexual in nature at all, like I'm basically trying to make friends, not date someone, I'm straight.


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  • I have met up with someone from yik yak before. It was another girl and she wanted to be friends. However it was at the library and I spoke with her for a couple weeks before we decided to meet up. We are actually really good friends now. I would always be cautious but there is no saying what can happen. Be smart and follow your gut. Good luck!


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