Reposting, something went wrong. Do do you think this is okay for a relationship?

> Subject: girlfriend around?
> girlfriend around?
> Mark. Not yet
> Steve. We've always been straight up, right?
> Mark. Ya man we're straight up with eachother
> Steve. k. I'll get to the point. When we were at your place, Jeanette was saying how she likes you and thinks your nice
> Mark. Ya man
> Mark. We're straight up with eachother
> Steve. Well she wants to have a 3 Somme, you me and her :)
> Mark. Lol
> Steve. No really she thinks you can do a lot better then you girlfriend and gets a really bad vibe from her.
> Steve. Doesn't want to see you get hurt or burned from her
> Mark. Tracey's a good egg.
> Mark. MAKE SURE you say thank you to her for me
> Steve. I will
> Mark. High 5
> Steve. If things don't work out she has a ukie friend we think would be good.
> Delete all this
> Mark. I shall sir. LOL!! 😀
> Steve. Call it a woman's intuituion
> Mark. High 5. That shit seems to work
> Steve. Lol
You've been with your SO for a year. She always came straight home every night, she put your priorities ahead of her own, she worked hard, paid more rent then you asked, she did all the shopping, cooking, cleaning so you could play on social media. She never flirted and only talked kindly of you. She bought you a big expensive birthday party. Friends that came to that birthday party and sent this message, she was kind to, and had met only once before. . It took me almost a year after it was written to see it and in that year he talked to these friends every day and went and saw them on occasion. Then you see it you have to spend 3 days listening to him defend them, while ignoring you, and how it all made you feel worthless. Your punishment for daring to say anything was for him to sneak and see if the woman they offered him, was still AVAILABLE and telling his friends and family your nuts, crazy, delusional, not right in the head, even stupid!
How would this make you feel?


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