How do I conquer my fear?

Well i love singing and i always think i have good and nice voice and if i post a video of me singing like karaoke, people would like record it using their phone and listening to it again and laugh. Not only laugh but they also post in other social media. I have dreams of becoming a musician or a singer but with people dragging me down or telling me i have a really bad voice i dont know if i could chase my dreams. Some of my friends would say "im sorry you have a really nice voice" but i dont think they meant it because i knew they always think negative about me. :(


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  • I would recommend you start by singing to friends, and those close to you, then perhaps to a wider crowd through YouTube or any other internet site. It is also important to grow a thick skin and ignore those who are obviously dicking with you. After that, just continue doing what you love and you'll do just fine.


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  • Fear is

    You have nothing to fear except fear itself, facing your fears is the only way to conquer it.


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