Who else has trouble telling time?

I know how to count by 5's for the minutes but reading the lines between takes me forever, I always mix up which hand is the hour and minutes which messes me up. I've avoided wearing a watch my whole lifetime for this reason. As a kid I was forced to and when I always ended up coming home at the wrong time my parents thought I did it on purpose when in fact I couldn't tell time so I guessed. Most people glance at a watch for seconds and know the time without counting by 5s and the lines like I do. I can only do that for even time 1-12:00. I grew up always asking someone what the time was and if I had an appointment I had to go really early or always end up late not knowing how much time I had, until digital clocks/watches came out. It sucks because someone brought me an expensive watch and it analog (with hands) and they got weird when I wore it once and asked me for the time and I couldn't tell them and they thought I broke the watch and I said no it works, and they were puzzled why I couldn't tell them. I don't know how people learned, in school I failed every test in math with clocks involved. Luckily I don't work where cellphones aren't allowed.

To make it worse the watch I was given has Roman numerals which I also don't know past 3.
Anyone else?


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  • Dude, it just takes practice. I used to be the same... but who uses watches nowadays? We have phones and digital time.

    You need to look at patterns, not numbers. Ignore the numbers, you do not need to read them on an analogue watch. You quarter up the circle: quarter past, half past, three quarters, full. The hands is easy, big for minutes, small for hours. The big moves more, it's bigger, the small moves les, it's smaller.


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