How do I deal with my anger?

Every time things are not as I would wish them to be (which is a lot of times) or when I am hurt or when someone offends me or when someone makes me angry, I feel like there is burning lava hidden inside me waiting to be errupted. I feel so much pressure of anger bottled up inside me that I have no idea what to do to let it out. I keep it in. Then I start blaming myself for everything and get depressed.

I am afraid it's not good in the long run. Any suggestions?

P. S. Please avoid those silly counting excercises when I am angry because when I get angry counting is the last thing I would do.


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  • Talk to people that's the only way to get rid of anger
    Make online friends
    Take long strolls in the park, change yr diet, change yr sleep pattern and see if any of those help
    If they don't then try writing your anger down and see what that does
    If that doesn't work then go to a professional
    Anger is usually a result of fatige or loneliness and in both cases minor adjustment can go a long way but there can be psychological issues as well and seeking professional help can be a good thing too

    • Well you see I have friends and I am in a relationship too. I am surrounded with people I love. But this one dark emotion is something I really can't handle.
      It just pisses me off even more when I can't handle my anger. I don't say hurtful things. I stay cool as a cucumber and on the inside I am a timebomb ticking off to explode. So I let it explode inside me and once I get alone in my room locked all those emotions come out and I just cry it all out.

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