Why did he send me "hey😂"? Does he think im ridicilous?

Im on this dating app, this guy sends me "hey😂".. What does that mean? Why the "this is hysterical " emoticon?


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  • Just to say that he's fun

    • it comes across as he thinks its something funny about me...

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    • i didn't say anything to him and its literally two average pics of my face and one of my body..

    • Then he's probably to make an impression on u
      His mistake though

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  • Woudnt read too much into it it's just an icon, a smiley. Just say hey back and see how the conversation goes. Some people just use a lot of emojis in there online talk lol

    • i just pressed "skip".. didn't find him attractive, but it made me think a little and made me worry lol