Im so depressed and angry and I dont know how to get it out and if a peaceful manner? Why can't things go my way at least once?

I can't stand how many fake people are in my life and what i have to deal with day to day with school and stress. I feel like nothjng is working and i never had a strong relationship with god but not a weak one either but now im giving up on him its like talking to a rock and expecting it to talk back


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  • Ur not supposed to trust anyone nowadays, even if they say they're your best estate friends in the world, or that they can keep a secret.
    Don't ever tell anyone anything important like family stuff, or anything personal really. Cuz those friends are gonna screw u over. U can never trust anyone like people used to. Everyone's greedy and getting violent in many ways...

    • Oh and if u are getting weaker with God, just read the Bible and pray a little more. It'll get better. This is probably just a test, seeing how you will lead things in ur life ;)

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    • :) no problem ;)

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