Do you think in recent times society has gone forward or backward?

Just a thought I've been thinking over for a few days now;

I feel in recent times it's just gone backwards, I'm a fond historian but these days I just feel people are too drawn to technology and wanting to make themselves popular by any means, I'm tired of seeing people eating tampons just to get popular, I'm tired of seeing 13 year olds acting 18 and sleeping with half their school, I'm tired of illiterate 'lads' who constantly just want to go partying/ get drunk, I'm tired of constantly seeing more and more ignorant people in my life.

Jesus, I'm starting to sound like my grandad.

I just don't like any of this; I miss when people worked for purpose, but ignorance breeds more ignorance.



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  • I completely agree with you.
    Sometimes I wish I could make a time machine and go back a hundred or so years ago (yes, even before women had rights or the internet!). I feel like I would be much happier back then.

    I don't really see a solution, since the newest generation is interested in these things. It was up to the parents to steer their children in the right direction. Somewhere things got muddled, clearly.


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