Have you ever been so mad that you ever wanted to hurt someone/something?

Being bi polar runs in my family so it my just be that..

Anyway, i was on facebook and i started to wonder how everytime i posted status on facebook when i was mad... my mom would find out... when i pokst on facebook and im mad... you can't take it serious.

But my mom would find out about my post even though my mom doesn't get on facebook.. she has one.. but she doesn't get on it. i over hear her on the phone with my aunt talking about a post i put and found out it was her telling on me and a couple more people would call my mom and tell her my post

what pissed me off is the i can't write a damn post without people stalking my profile.. so i blocked almost 10 people, includine my aunt, and sister,.. and almost deleted my facebook.

On top of that i found out my family talks about me behind my back.. i didn't know they did. i found out because i was falling asleep and they thought i was sleep so they started to talk about me..

How he has anger issues..
he can't control his anger
whats wrong with him

So i got so mad i stormed out the house and went for a walk... when i got back i was still mad so i started lifting weights to try and calm myself.. it helped but i still was mad so i attempted to take a nap.

Then my sister from college comes home and they bring it up again about my anger issues.. i got so mad i got on my knees and started squeezing/biting my sheets to keep myself from hurting somebody..

i wanted to hurt something or someone i didn't care what the hell it was i just wanted someone to feel the same pain as i was feeling but i resisted it and fell asleep.

I can't wait to move out this shitty family once i get old enough to move.. im out and im never speaking to none of them again not even my mom

Do you ever get angry like this or is it not that bad


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  • That's not a normal level of anger, but I don't think it means there's something *wrong* with you. It just sounds like you need to find a professional to talk some things out with and find ways to deal with those types of situations in a way that works for you.

    • My mom wants me to go but i dont want them to help my
      i already made up my mind to leave and after i leave ill be cool right

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    • what do you mean

    • Living away from your family might make you angry at them but it won't make you any better at dealing with your emotions after you get angry

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  • Everyday. I just wish I had a room full of things I could break.


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