Why do abusers buy they're girlfriend/wife's guns and practice with her?

i was watching castle one night, and the wife of an abuseive man shot him with a gun he bought her. that has me wondering ''why?'' common sence would tell ya that you'd be the one shot.

actually, a girl i know is in a similar mess. he abused her a few years back, last year, she was talking about how they practiced. so, no, it ain't just in fiction.


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  • It's just something on tv, it isn't something that really happens in real life.

    • It's just I've seen it played numerous times. Just wondering.

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    • It's just one of those things you never wonder til later

    • I can understand that

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  • "i was watching castle one" < not real.

    • did I say it was?

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    • i could continue this meager, pointless immature conversation, but frankly, I'm getting a bit bored.

    • And yet you responded to tell me that you refuse to continue this measure, pointless, and immature conversation due to your boredom.

      Where are the regal people of actual note at this time of night? You all keep tripping over yourselves.

  • trust me most guys would not be that stupid lol its a show

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