Am I bi and what's my deal?

I fell in love he was my first in everything. we broke up. now everytime I date someone else I lose interest in them in a month like completely just bye. I'm turning into a player and could care less about guys feelings. my mom asked jokingly if I was gay and I thought about it n questioned if I really was because guys haven't been a concern for me in a long time

I don't think about dating a girl just sexually thoughts about a girl


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  • So, have you ever considered a relationship with another girl? If boys are not working out for you, then you might consider seeking out another girl to do things with and see where it leads. You may just need a good break from the guys, who at this age are still finding out what a relationship is and how to treat his girl friend. Remember, guys mature later than girls so you are probably a few years ahead of the guys you are dating.

    Find yourself a girl friend and explore together. Most girls are bisexual and it is completely normal to have those feelings for another girl.


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  • Are you dating girls?

    • no but it's something I've always wondered about

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    • but I don't want people getting the wrong idea and I don't know who to just "test it out " with

    • Find a girl you're interested and see if she would be interested in a date. If it's not for you then it's not for you. You can say you've explored that route and figured more out about yourself because of it. After all, how do you really know until you experience it right? If you don't want people to know until you're sure and ready to be open then it may be best to go somewhere not very popular for your date, or go to a movie or something.

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  • Oh stop over reacting. Maybe your mom was just being sarcastic, I mean you're only 15. You should be to young to care.

    ... Did I mention I'm 33 and never had a girlfriend? I mean you're so young talking about this and I'm here over twice your age and haven't even dated as much as you, yet there are others 10 years older than me just getting married and having kids.

  • You're bi. The end.

  • Lol chicks can't be players dude


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