Is it really that bad to have little to no regrets in life?

I don't get why is it so important to regret and have remorse in life. So if you have little to practically none that you can think about in your 21 years of existence, why are you suddenly seen differently?

Logic sense tells me who would even want to live with regrets thinking about the times he/she felt guilty about something?

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That's what I feel. I mean aren't you allow to feel even if that means you hardly regret anything in your life?
Short example: letting someone lend me their extra credit point tickets to buy a couple A's in this class way back in my HS years (didn't want a B as a final grade, but an A), teacher was shocked when she found out I cheated in that manner, she acted as if someone hurt her feeling or something... needlessly to say didn't care nor felt regret it.


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  • No, it's not bad at all. It just means that you are very good, very efficient as a person.


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    I think this depends on what you mean by not feeling any regrets nor remorse. If it's regarding petty stuff like cheating on HS tests and assignment then nope, I wouldn't regret that either as the school education sucks.

    However, if you mean seriously hurting people's feeling, playing with them, cheating on a partner but you see nothing wrong at all then that's when it's not quite normal.

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