Help! Embarrassing encounter with bf?

So me and my boyfriend were in the process of having sex. And he reaches down to take off my panties, well the middle part of my panties were stuck between my butt cheeks. And when he lifts them off I see a large skid mark. And I know he saw it too. I'm so embarrased. My brother told me about this site, so I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else?


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  • That's disgusting, you should be embarrassed... no, never happened to me... sou ting it happened to you...


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  • can't recall ever happening but I'm sure its happened to lots of people. Just have to wipe better in future. So are u a girl on a guys profile?

    • No I'm using my brothers account

    • Girl then? So did the guy mention it to u or just get on with the jib in hand? If he didn't mention it then don't worry about it just be more careful in future.

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