Do you think you love as much as you have been loved?

Do you give the world (incuding ll in your life) the same love you have been given or or you selfish with it? Are you giving too much away? (the love given to you by family, friends and everyone that raised you).

  • Selfish with my love but I am a decent person/received moderate amounts of love
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  • I put out hate because I didn't get much love in my life
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  • I didn't get much love in my life but I give out too much
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  • I was loved in my life yet I mostly put out hate
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  • I can't tell/doesn't know who I am yet
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm not selfish with love, I just don't feel it.

    • I yearn for love and seem to choose women that don't feel it. No surprise though. My mother was a loveless women.

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    • Haha, would be funny if you did.
      I don't think I see myself as others see me, but I don't think most people see themselves as others do, it's always different from the outside looking in. I do try to take on board what people say about me though and I see from their point of view why they think those things. You think I'm heartless now haha, I'm not, people still say I'm kind and a nice person to know.

      I find it interesting with you that you grew up with no love but still really crave love too though. A lot of people just get used to it and think differently about love. Especially when they see others getting hurt by so called love. Many in your situation just never learn to feel that way because they never saw it. It's a good thing though.

    • Well I was born a little more sensitive I think but am glad I have a naive look on hope and love with me and even the world. Yes most people will never be able to see inside the bubble. I was able to about 12 years ago. You don't seem heartless no but I bet you can seem standoffish with some things even with the people you care for. It might be just who you are. Have you been on this site for a long time?

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  • I exude indifference.

    • Honest. Have you been loved?

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    • too

    • Be well man

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  • I drown my family, my friends and my partner in love. I'm not selfish with it

  • I voted C
    I choose to be different and have love in my heart for everyone. But with family its limited at times. But with my kids I will give them the world. That love is to strong to explain. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


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