I NEEEEEED HELP. I can't DO IT ANYMORE! LIVING WITH A depressed lazy stupid mother is making my life hard enough, all she does is complain, complain, complainnnnnnnnnn and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. I hate her she is the reason why i am angry. I can't find a house in this surburban hell hole! i can't find a fucking parttime job either, i need work and i need to get out! ASAP im 23 for gdosake! im a student but i feel like maybe i should just pack up and move to another city and live there, i have the worst aggression problems in this city i fucking hate it, its slow and the people are all white which makes racism easier. The city i want to go is bigger multi culteral and has more oppurtunities, more life but the thing is i dont have family over there, my brother said it wouldn't be safe to live there alone with no family around or friends, so that made me doubt for 6 months because i was already serious about the decision and wanted to go but now he made me doubt! the city is 45 min from where i live, i live down south


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  • And your question is?

    You just have to suck it up until you find a job and are able to live on your own.