Do you like instrumental music?

I listen to lots of instrumental music, but most people with whom I share stuff ask when the vocals come in at some point.

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  • Vocals just ruin good music most of the time. Unless the vocals are actually good; which is never the case in electronic music for some reason.

    • True, same thing with post-rock. The only band in that genre with vocals I like is Sigur Rós, and their singer sometimes just sings some nonsense to make the vocals feel like just another instrument.

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  • depends, i like pretty much all the stuff that epic music world uploads. also i like some songs from lindsey stirling or erock (meets metal).

    but if u mean like classic music, i prefer vocals there

  • No I don't, I always skim through to make sure it has vocals before listening to a new song. Without vocals it's so boring