ok so in product design here's our final project.. VEHICLE lol and we'll drive it!

so we need to make it stable and if we won the race (we're the fastest) we'll get the best grade! i just need ideas please guys!

things to consider first is the position, we want to be the fastest because the vehicle is going to move with the body force. so we need to have all the weight in the front a bit so it moves

also, what material would be easy and safe to work with?

can u guys please help im seriously running out of thoughts and stressed out! its really competitive



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  • What are the rules?
    What is the budget?
    This could be quite fun, but I'd need more specific details as far as what you're working with (time, money, materials) as well as what the goal is (how far does it travel, what kind of surface will it travel on, how important is steering and braking, etc.)?

    • sir you are amazing! you literally just gave me ideas with those questions. ok so budget is ok we don't care but we want to be smart, not get the most expensive stuff if cheap works then we'll go with cheap, get me? material is something i need ideas for also, what are some safe and easy material to use that would also help in the speed as we're just moving with body force? the route is not that long, around a track but with turns and then a hill that we'll go down, there will be bumps and each time we go on a bump we'll pick up an apple hehe its so funny.

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    • I can't thank you enough!! you're brilliant! we're thinking of wood and add metal to make it stable, we have so many steering ideas, we're thinking of either making the car three wheels, two in the back and one in the front with the steering in the BACK, or making two steering wheels and the person driving would sit side ways, we thought it would make us slower but yet safer for the turns

    • Happy to help!
      It's been a long time since my go-kart building days, but even back before YouTube and high speed internet I remember finding go-kart plans online for free, these days there are probably a TON of sites with info on how to build a DIY go-kart. Do some digging and see what ideas you can find and how you can copy the designs that seem best. Good luck!

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