When all is said and done... will Obama go down as one of the best presidents this country has had?

I would love to hear all sides... but I am strongly in favor of...


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  • Yes. The further we progress in the future, the history tends to get compress into quick summaries. A President's time in office is also compress to just include the things they are known for and this small summary will determine their favorability in the future. For example...

    -Nixon is known for Watergate and the Southern Strategy (Bad President)

    -Reagan is known for ending the Cold War (Good President)

    -FDR is known for the New Deal and getting us through WWII (Good President)

    -George W Bush will be known for botching Hurricane Katrina and sending the US into an unneeded 8 year war after 9/11 which we would spend about $2 trillion on. (Bad President)

    -Obama will be known for being the first black President, Obamacare, ending the 2008 recession, Improving US relations with Cuba and Iran and killing Osama bin Laden. (Current status - Good President)

    So far, Obama's memorable accomplishments GREATLY outweighs the negatives things about his Presidency and because of that he will go down in history with a VERY favorable image, especially among the younger people who see him as the "hippest" President we ever had. The only thing that could tarnish Obama's legacy now is if he does something extremely idiotic like start WWIII or endorse Donald Trump.

    A lot of right leaning people will disagree, but who cares what they think. There's a reason why they need to nitpick Obama in order pull up dirt about him. When the adversary needs to nitpick at you in order to insult you, then you're doing a pretty damn good job.


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  • Yes he yes he will,
    Yes he yes he will

  • Not even in the top half. His only accomplishment is a weird healthcare chimera which was never designed to work.

    • Because republicans didn't want him to succceed. And they did everything they could to fight it...

    • Actually it passed over the heads of Republicans when his party had control of both houses. No one even had time to read it before it was passed. This one is entirely on the Democrats. It wasn't their strategy to pass a good healthcare reform anyway. they wanted something that would fail so they could then propose state run healthcare as the only solution. They want this not because it is better but because they believe it will solidify another block of support for them which has traditionally been heavily Republican, old people.

      It's all about politics on both sides. The Democrats plan to screw over the constituents they have in their pockets young people, to get votes from their rival's camp. the Republicans do the same thing whenever they can but are hampered by not having the mass-culture establishment on their side.

  • No. He hasn't really done anything at all. Nothing major has happened. Here's the gist of his two terms so far, tragedies happen and then he gives a speech about how outrageous it was and then goes back into his office and plays paper football until the next tragedy happens and he gives another speech about how he won't stand for those injustices and then get back to his game of paper football.

    • He also botched the BP oil spill completely. He said he'd do an investigation to the safety standards of BP and if they didn't pass then he'd punish them. Turns out they passed but he still punished them and basically sent them the check to fix the oil spill and then said he fixed the oil spill.

      Mr. President just pointing fingers at other people and saying "they did it" is not fixing the disaster...

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    • You must watch fox news lol

    • No why do you say that? You asked for opinions and then you're trying to passive aggressively insult my arguments without providing any counter examples. Why ask this question at all unless you just wanted people to stroke your ego by agreeing with you or childishly insult anyone that disagrees with you.

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