Thinking about getting a piercing but I dont know where?

I want to get it somewhere on my face but i just dont know where, i dont want to regret it later or just get bored of it fast. i was thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced but then i realized it would be really annoying to have to take it out every day when im doing my eyebrows and i heard that you can get a scar after too so just no. but i dont know how i feel about getting it on my nose or lip, does anyone have it? how is it? or maybe i should just get another piercing on my ear? what do you all think


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  • How about a smiley? Or snake bites/shark bites? Vertical labret? I've had all of thsese the smiley was the easiest to heal but the lip piercings were still pretty easy to heal

  • How about your tongue?

    • nu-uhh haha i've thought about it but it'd just be like theree. in the way. i already have a big tongue that i sometimes accidentally bite because its so big, i dont need something adding on to it aha

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